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Our History

Reviprof S.p.A. is an auditing company founded in 1989 registered by the MEF (Ministry of Economy and Finance) under number 70946. It also has an agreement with the main Cooperative Centers, thus being authorized to “certify the financial statements” of cooperatives and consortia pursuant to Law 59/92.

The founding members understood the need to provide a “new approach” to the Auditing activity in close collaboration with the professional world to provide a technical and direct response to local companies.

Reviprof S.p.A. has always had constant and regular growth thanks to the technical skills and experience of its staff, also thanks to the ethical approach and fairness in relations with companies and their consultants.

The company's growth was reflected in a geographical expansion, in addition to the main office in Mantua, we are permanently present in Milan and from 2019 also in Brescia with offices on site. Corresponding offices are also active in Turin and Ascoli.

As part of the international growth and development process, since 2016 it has joined the Moore Global network (previously known as Moore Stephens International), one of the world's leading consulting and advisory networks, thus being able to guarantee client companies and their consultants important professional connections also at an international level.