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The audit is carried out through a set of control procedures aimed at gathering elements that make it possible to formulate an independent professional opinion on the reliability of the equity, economic and financial situation of the company.

The assessment of the degree of reliability of the internal control system is an essential phase in determining the verification procedures to be applied.

The phases of the intervention:
  • Fact-finding survey: analysis of activities, organizational structure, operational characteristics and critical areas;
  • Preliminary phase: analysis of administrative accounting procedures;
  • Final phase: control of the balance sheet data, analysis of the problems and issue of the report.
Our professional experiences have allowed us to gain significant experience not only in the industrial and commercial fields but also in the cooperative sector. Reviprof has an agreement with the main Cooperative Centers and authorized in accordance with Article 15 of Law 59/1992.

Our work team made up of partners who are experts in specific fiscal, civil and mutualistic issues, allows us to be an important reference at national level.

Thanks to our experience, we provide a wide range of services ensuring maximum professional independence:
  • ‚Äč statutory audit required by Legislative Decree 39/2010
  • auditing of balance sheets, separate and consolidated
  • financial statements limited audits based on agreed procedures
  • auditing of interim and half-yearly reports
  • review of reporting packages of national or international groups
  • periodic checks on the regular keeping of the accounts
  • fairness opinions on share swap ratios or issues of new shares
  • appraisals, declarations and certifications
  • accounting audits and monitoring of publicly funded projects
  • verification of compliance of procedures with specific laws and regulations