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Sustainability Report

Business realities are facing new management objectives and paradigms that require reporting and in some cases certifying company activities through the Sustainability Report according to the standards of the GRI Index.

Climate change, the scarcity of resources and the growing attention to ethical and social issues require a serious reflection on the issue of sustainability, which is now increasingly topical. Our companies play a fundamental role in this game since they are the subjects that perhaps generate the greatest environmental and social impacts, with the need therefore to activate a more aware and more responsible management, which takes the name of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) .

  • Corporate sustainability can only be implemented if we act simultaneously on its three fundamental dimensions: economic, environmental and social.
  • Environmental sustainability, the ability to produce wealth by safeguarding the reproducibility of natural resources and preserving the fundamental functions of the environment over time.
  • Social sustainability: being socially sustainable means guaranteeing conditions of justice, equity, health and well-being for people, safety for employees, motivating the workforce by offering training and development opportunities, allowing companies to participate in social initiatives also within of the local community, create a dialogue regarding social and ethical issues in order to recognize and respect the interests of all stakeholders in the decision-making process.

Long-term economic sustainability, exploiting market opportunities, minimizing regulatory and technological obsolescence risks, through a rational and efficient use of resources
We can help you in the implementation and management of processes and / or management systems aimed at a continuous improvement of Sustainability, which consequently will lead the company to improve its image on the market and on stakeholders and prepare for any risks related to external business context not directly controllable by the entrepreneur.