Audit is carried out through a set of control and audit procedures prepared to gather evidence to express an independent professional opinion on the reliability of the financial statements and accompanying notes. The evaluation of the degree of reliability of the internal control system is an essential step to determine the wideness of the audit procedures to be applied.

The steps of the engagement are:

  • Preliminary Survey: knowledge and understanding of the activity, organizational structure, operating characteristics and critical areas of the company;
  • Interim phase: analysis of the accounting, administrative procedures and internal control system;
  • Final phase: audit of the financial statement and accompanying notes, analysis of critical matters and issuance of the audit opinion.
Our professional experiences have allowed us to gain significant experience with companies both in industrial and commercial fields of activity as well as with cooperative companies. Reviprof is authorized to operate pursuant Art. 15 of Law 59/1992 and has an agreement with the main Centrali Cooperative. Our partners are experienced in tax, law, commercial and cooperative issues allowing Reviprof to be an important reference at Italian level.

Thanks to our skill and experience we offer a wide range of services ensuring the highest professional independence statutory audit provided pursuant D. Lgs. 39/2010
  • audit of financial statements and consolidated financial statements
  • audit according to agreed-upon procedures
  • audit of interim reports and semi-annual reports
  • audit of reporting package both of national and international groups
  • periodic audits of the bookkeeping according to the law
  • issuance of fairness opinions also according to Commercial Law
  • appraisals, expert reports and sworn statements
  • review and audits of projects funded with public funds
  • compliance audits of procedures to specific laws and regulations